Why CoronaSafe.pk

In mid-March 2020, when we saw the inevitable crisis that was to follow because of the ‘once a century pathogen’ we had only one thing in mind ‘the safety of our parents, our loving mothers and our caring fathers, our innocent children and the safety of our community. 

We feared that without adequate education and protection the country will turn to chaos and the virus will reak havoc through our society. No one, not the poor or the wealthy, not the educated or the ignorant, no one is truly safe unless we all act together as a society and understand our responsibility in keeping us safe as a whole. 

We had to do our part in saving lives and protecting those who we love and those too who we are bonded by humanity. We had to choose our battle, some would choose to educate the masses on what to do and how to behave in the new normal, some would take up enforcement of these policies and guidelines, some would take the route of facilitating information and we felt that all of this doesn’t mean anything if the basic protective equipment isn’t available to the masses.  

Unfortunately, we went door to door from pharmacies, suppliers, and factories in the major cities; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Kohat, Kotli,  Gujranwala, Quetta, Sargodha and many others with the help of our colleagues, friends, and relatives but found nothing, no N95/KN95 masks or PPE in stock and we witnessed the unhygienic conditions in which 3ply surgical masks were being manufactured and sold. 

Opportunistic predators brought in cheap copies of popular masks that were no better than closing your eyes to an oncoming train started becoming commonly available in the shops, cloth-based masks that are completely ineffective against the virus became the goto choice of thousands because of price and availability. 

We managed to engage distributors and importers to start importing small quantities of genuine 3M n95 and kn95 masks for our families and friends but this wasn’t enough, we had to do our part in making the masks available to everyone, CoronaSafe.pk was born on May 15th, 2020 and has successfully delivered 1000s of orders and counting. We thank you for all the love and respect we get as your feedback.

Quality Guarantee

We have hired medical equipment qualified consultants, who are familiar with the prevention and management of COVID-19, to certify the sourcing and 100% genuine nature of every product that is displayed on our website. 

We make sure that all products sold are of the highest standard and meet the international specifications laid out by the WHO, CDC, FDA, ECDC and the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan (NDMA).  

CoronaSafe QR Authenticity Certificate

We have developed Pakistan’s only masks authenticity certification system which means that if you see CoronaSafe QR sticker (and its validated online), you can be sure that we have verified the origin, the quality and the certificates of the marks that you are buying.

Here is a sample of how the QR Authenticity Certificate looks like: 


Sample Only

Price Guarantee

We aim to provide access to the maximum number of people in the broadest walks of life to the best in class personal protection. The only way for us to carry out this mission is for us to make the products avaiable at unbeatable value. We will continue to improve our sourcing to ensure that everyone has access to quality equipment.

Cash On Delivery

Unlike the western world, we understand that Pakistan is still a cash heavy market and digital transactions are few and far between.

We offer best in class COD services by working with our partners at TCS and M&P anywhere in Pakistan. 


Our helpline consultants are ready to be at your service throughout the day. We provide a hassle-free return policy where the interest of the customers are given priority. You can email us at: care@coronasafe.pk or whatsapp us at: 0092 314 5979347